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Program Description:

Rochester Faculty Led: Summer in Korea

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                        Korean in Korea 4  

Program Description

Korean in Korea 1This program is a 4-week summer intensive Korean language and culture program for students who have interest in exploring Korean language and culture. Students will take Korean classes at a university in Seoul, engage in cultural activities and community service, and go on cultural excursions while doing homestay. Students will receive four credits upon completion, which may be counted toward the Korean language cluster (H1KOR001).
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Course Objectives

This program aims to enhance students’ intercultural communication ability through active language use and awareness of Korean culture in its natural context. The focus will be on improving four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and increasing the socio-cultural awareness through theme-based and function-based instruction and maximized interaction with local people.

Korean in Korea KOR 107, KOR 157, KOR 207 4 Credits

Course Outcomes
By participating in this program, students will be able to:

1)    Speak and write fluently about everyday topics that occur in different situations in Korea fluently (the complexity of the communication is changeable depending upon the level of the class that students take).
2)    Use public facilities (e.g., restaurants, theaters, transportation, etc.) in Korea in culturally appropriate manners.
3)    Enhance awareness of Korean culture and society, in particular awareness of culture related to the home, school, traditional and modern events, etc.
4)    Develop an ability to recognize and bridge cultural gaps in communication with native Koreans.
5)    Enhance intercultural communication ability.

Course schedule & content

1)    All students will reside with a Korean family (Homestay-in on June 27, Homestay-out on July 26, 2018)    
2)    Students will take Korean classes from 9am to 1pm from Monday through Friday (June 28 to July 27, 2018: 70 hours of contact time in total, excluding the orientation, final exam and class completion ceremony.)
3)    Students will engage in 3-4 cultural activities of their choice during afternoons (e.g., cooking, Samulnori <traditional Korean percussion music>, Taekwondo < Korean martial arts>, watching a performance and stamp craft)
4)    Students will meet their language partner(s) once a week.
5)    Students will engage in community service (i.e., preschool) in the afternoon. (two meetings per week and 6 meetings in total)
6)    Students will go on four cultural excursions during the weekend. (Three places [from Seoul City Tour, Nami Island Tour, Korean Folk Village, Icheon Pottery Village & Royal Tomb of King Sejong] and Hiking to Acha San).

Students will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Final exam (40%) + Participation (40%) + Attitude (20%).  The final exam includes speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Prerequisite courses
There are no prerequisites. While we recommend one year of college Korean or equivalent proficiency, the program is open to all students who are interested in exploring the Korean language and culture.

Korean in Korea 2

Scholarship for Summer 2018!

Apply for a UR Summer Faculty Scholarship here

Program Contacts

Myounghee Cho
Korea Program Director
Lecturer in Korean

Additional Information 


Application Requirements: 

Course grade: Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
Essay: Write an essay on why they want to apply for the program (a maximum of 500 words) as the online application requires.
Interview: The applicants who meet the criteria will be contacted by the program leader for an interview. 


Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2019 03/15/2019 03/15/2019 TBA TBA